A business blog is subjective but unlike a private blog, you are writing for people interested in your trade, products and services. For reason the best B2B blogs inform. They’re not simply a case of chest beating and saying ‘Look at me’. As remember to be careful with your use of humour. Humour is a very personal thing, and what you may think is funny someone else may not only dislike, they may be offended by.

To give you all the ammunition you need to help with your posts this is a list I collected a list of 50 blog post ideas for business blogging for any industry. You can apply it in most niches I think. Some of these and will bring you publicity and popularity, while others focus on highlighting your expertise or are part of a social networking strategy. Feel free to use some of these ideas or all of these at once.

1. Envision the future of your industry by extrapolating the current developments

2. Explain why everybody should care for your trade and not only specialists

3. Make a list of famous people who deal or dealt with issues related to your business

4. List 30 or more online resources for business people in your industry

5. Review a publication dealing with your industry

6. Make a list of the top myths in your industry and debunk them

7. Disagree with a high level personality in your business, prove her or him wrong

8. Make a list of the top 10 blogs in your niche

9. Report from a trade fair

10. Compare your national market to markets abroad

11. Compile a best of-list

12. Add an RSS feed and don’t forget to include the logo

13. Write down a code of ethics for your blog and your business as a whole

14. Explore and depict a niche social media platform for your trade, if there is none, use a forum to do that

15. Add a forum to your blog or site if your site has a big enough community to sustain it

16. Break the rules of your trade by remodeling them and adapting to a current situation and then write about it

17. Go off topic and link a topic from everyday life back to your business “10 Ways SEO is like Base-Jumping”

18. Make a list of WordPress plugins that are most useful for your industry “The 10 Best WordPress plugins for Graphic Designers”

19. Reach out to your clients and fans: “What would you like to change in [insert your product or service here]?”

20. Display attractive images of your products, several of them, in the best case your own products

21. Analyze the current climate in your industry and explain the ramifications

22. Identify leaders in your area and ask them to guest post on your blog or write for their blog instead

23. Show what went wrong in your company, why and how you dealt with it, learning from mistakes is very helpful for others

24. Compare the new vs the old ways of doing your business

25. Highlight top female bloggers or experts in your trade

26. Create fictional and visionary product description

27. Satirize a very well known personality, be it of your trade or outside of it

28. Write an allegory about your idol doing your business like “The Bruce Lee Method of Business Blogging”

29. Thank your 10 favorite readers and/or commenters

30. Expose a scam in your industry (make sure to consult a lawyer in advance)

31. Take a big brand (or several) and use it as an example for best practices vs mistakes

32. Use humor to lighten up a boring topic

33. Explain the local advantages of your company, do not hide behind modesty: “Oxford: SEO since 1542″

34. Review a book dealing with your topic that really displays thinking outside the box

35. Combine your topic with another one, usually but wrongfully not combined with yours, like SEO and graphic design

36. Express your own personal view an a highly debatable issue and do not just repeat common ground opinions

37. Make a short movie to show on your blog, this can be something funny or just simply you speaking

38. Create a list of indispensable software or web tools for your job

39. Take a common issue many people care about and explain how it relates to your business

40. Introduce a new business model in your trade or better, several of them

41. Be the first to break news, for instance reveal your new product via the blog

42. Check your search engine referers and write postings for those queries that had no matches until now

43. Check in your stats which post is the most popular one and write a follow up

44. Join a trade organization and explain why you did it

45. Make a donation to a good cause and blog about it

46. Introduce the 10 most promising bloggers in your industry

47. Check Digg, StumbleUpon or Technorati to find out what’s most popular right now and find a new angle to it

48. Engage in a discussion on a forum and reprint on your blog

49. Ask people on Twitter a question and blog the best replies

50. Make a list of blogging ideas specifically for your industry

Remember that business blogging is about value. That’s indeed the most crucial difference between private and business blogs. In private blogs people want to express themselves, business bloggers want to create value for others. So when writing a post for a business blog always consider this question: Of what use can this article be to potential clients, people in my industry and the general public?”