Getting into Marketing

Innovate – Market yourself. Go beyond a CV where applicable. Take a look at these guys and what they have done to get noticed : Look at your strengths and treat it like a campaign, who is your audience and when and how you might connect? Don’t simply expect a recruiter to put your CV at the top of the pile. Let your personality shine through!

Be willing – Have you been offered a job that isn’t exactly what you are after? Embrace the opportunity and persist. You will find out what you like about it very quickly and more importantly what you don’t! People in marketing come from all walks of life and have an assortment of careers and first job stories to tell. It’s a necessary part of your working life adventure to embrace other cultures.

Ask, listen and respect feedback – This is the most valuable thing you can get when starting out. Stop focussing on money or benefits companies offer. You want a job, not a health plan! “How can you improve your pitch?”, “What are your weaknesses?” and “Are there any reasons you might not expect to be offered this job and what the perfect candidate looks like?”. Don’t be cocky. There are 100′s of other people wanting that same role.

Consider going regional – There is much focus on the bigger agencies in London when starting grads or entry level candidates are starting out, with a flux of career minded people looking to make their name at a big agency. However consider going locally, you could very easily be exposed to a wider mix of clients and potentially progress through the ranks quicker.

Endurance – This is one of the greatest industries to work in. All the rumours are true! So keep at it. Expect rejection and move forward, adapting and not losing morale. Once you get into the industry you will be grateful for how hard you tried. Keep front of mind by checking in with HR departments and contacts, building the rapport – but don’t be pushy or a pest. Ask them when the best time to get in touch is again. It shows you are keen to work there!