A modern reworking for a cathedral of creativity…

5 days a week, 52 weeks a year we spend our waking, and often sleeping hours, thinking about our clients and what amazing pieces of creativity that we can deliver for them.

Finally though, enough was enough.
It was time to do something for ourselves.
And top of the list was looking at our office space.

It needed to feel fresh and exciting.
It couldn’t be too visually dominating otherwise it might ‘inspire’ our designs for other clients.
Naturally, it also needed to reflect not only MONK’s ethos and approach to projects, but also somehow capture our general leaning towards irreverence.

Early on in the design process we embraced the concept of a stain-glass window.
These canvasses of light are not simply used in places of worship to dramatise inspirational stories, they draw the face upwards to the heavens. Asking the viewer to look towards something greater than themselves – in our case, creative inspiration.

These windows would also allow added light in, would change colour with the seasons, while all the time maintaining our privacy.

Cubes of colour were connected with geometric shapes that spills out of the widow and spread across the walls, changing into origami creatures. Animals and objects that echo our traits of strength, determination, inspiration, response and playfulness. These designs also blur the boundaries between the window and the wall, creating a space that feels larger than in actuality it is.

Made from folded paper and using black and the MONK dark blue, the two key messages of CREATING BELIEVERS and NOTHING IS SACRED fill opposite walls.

The result is a room that transforms with the seasons and changes with the passing of the day – both inside and out. Becoming a beacon of light at night that draws the casual passerby in, and tells of something rather special and unusual happening inside.

More than that, it’s simply a nice space and one that we’re all happy with. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?
at night - outside-sm

light on wall2-sm

monk wall 3-sm

monk wall3-sm


monk window1-sm