A Brief Introduction

MONK was designed to be everything a creative agency should be for clients.
Born in the Summer of 2011, the Partners set about building an agency that would be ‘dedicated to its clients’ at every stage of their customer journey. One that focuses on creating opportunities to help companies innovate, grow and meaningfully create believers in their brands, products and services. Which is why MONK has never been aligned to any singular discipline and confidently positions itself as media neutral.

We believe that when approaching a challenge, encouraging as much freedom and autonomy as possible is essential.

Since opening our doors, we have produced everything from TV idents to mobile apps, Global events to PR launches, advertising campaigns to virals, always unafraid of helping clients go further with their communications. Highlights along the way include creating Hollywood game shows for unsuspecting crowds to bring to life product benefits, training a hamster to control and power a set of DJ decks to demonstrate the simplicity of a new music product, and launching the UK’s fastest growing drinks brand.

This has only been possible through carefully selecting some of the brightest and smartest minds from advertising, design, digital, technology, social and strategic backgrounds. Hiring passionate and intelligent individuals, rather than replaceables on an assembly line.

And as we have expanded, to support our increasing International footprint, we partnered with global digital leaders; The BORN Group (www.borngroup.com), utilising their local knowledge and capability to push interactive, e-commerce and digital possibilities further for the brands we work with.

Today, as an independent agency we continue to flourish, being entrusted with the responsibility of tactical and strategic marketing initiatives for some of the biggest brands and most influential organisations in the world. You can find examples of this on our site through the creative, strategic initiatives that have positively impacted our clients businesses.

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For a long time, brands have been trying to get a consumer to buy something. We feel it’s better to inspire people to believe in something.