Brand & Product Launches

“Re-capturing the attention of the market and instilling confidence in the famous brand again

MONK has long since been working with BlackBerry to capture the imagination of lapsed customers and help reinvigorate the BlackBerry fanatics’ faith in the brand.

This has included strategising the efforts of the brand and product launches, guidelines, roadshow training, partner events, consumer and retail experiences and ATL campaigns.

We have developed Global Training and Incentive Programmes; helping individual markets understand the consumer benefits of BlackBerry, removing BlackBerry from the mobile status quo who simply focus on specs, through to managing Racing, Sky Atlantic and Music Sponsorships to find assets that can be leveraged in multiple markets.

By creating multiple brand touchpoints, we’ve explored new ways to make sure even seemingly insignificant communications match the innovative new OS platform. This has even included placing hundreds devices  into blocks of ice, packaging them up in “New Cool” boxes and having them hand-delivered to partners and selected celebrities, with an all-important question about the device. The answer to which, was in the device, which was in the block of ice. So people could either wait for the ice to melt or find innovative ways to speed up the process. Either way, they spent a lot of time looking at and thinking about the new BlackBerry device!
But that’s not all.
We’ve created an immersive, touring experience to truly bring the BlackBerry OS to life, building an interactive film app which was centred around a secret agent looking to get to BlackBerry’s Head Office as quickly as possible.

We’ve got Partners hands-on with the brand, we’ve used 3D posters designed to help people decide whether they are ‘working’ or ‘playing’ and there have been giant jigsaws for people to put together in store and tweet to win a device.

To find out more about the breadth and the depth of the work that we’ve carried out for BlackBerry, please get in touch.