Hack The Change

“Creating a hackathon to tackle LGBT rights abuses across the globe.”

In November 2016 legal and tech worlds collided over a weekend for the first LexisNexis “Rule of Law Hackathon” devised by MONK. Bringing together lawyers, coders and human rights activists its goal was to find a solution to a big problem: Securing equal rights for LGBT people globally. This hackathon happened over a 48-hour period with 40 hackers working in five teams to tirelessly and creatively solve a crucial challenge with help from over 40 support staff.

The challenge was to plug the technology gap for the Human Dignity Trust, a charity which focusses on decriminalising homosexuality globally; to accelerate their success rate in defending LGBT rights globally.

On Sunday evening, the teams each presented their solutions to the challenge. However, the winning idea was an innovative approach to create a covert app. The concept was to piggyback inside Snapchat. All users need to do is install the Snapchat app, add ‘Par’ as a friend/account. Think of it as a modern free call number. NGOs would then receive raw data from users and could start to tag the data and view the incidents that users have uploaded. From concept through to the event, our involvement entailed branding, film, and collateral.