Experiential & Events

“Creating the unexpected to keep HTC front of mind with customers and retailers alike.

How do you continually highlight the advantages of using an award-winning HTC device? Especially when competitors are known for pushing the boat out.

The solution is that you out-think them by breaking the status quo by delivering new propositions with exceptional, surprising creative work.

From building a 50ft Technology Tree packed with fibre optics to interact with audiences and draw footfall away from competitors, through to delighting call centres with a Game of Drones tour that invited players to race their drones against the clock around a specially designed track – and of course, they controlled their drone with the all-new HTC Desire 510.

Other work has included gift with purchases, secret gigs, reward days and leveraging UEFA champions league sponsorship.

Always focussed on showcasing all of the key advantages of using an HTC in unique and unfamiliar environments, so that HTC’s key messages are always front of mind with the people who sell them.