Brand Communications 

“Championing Intelligent thought and pushing the future of Law

Our work with LexisNexis has been wide-ranging, from films and events to digital sites, social media and even interior design. However, throughout it all there has been a common objective – to champion intelligent, thought-provoking discussion.

Our events have trended on Twitter and we have helped bring about real change within the company through films, augmented reality posters and experiences, down to the practicalities of a website that helped guide staff around their new offices.

One such project includes the Bellwether Report, we’ve produced for the last 5 years.

This report is the result of qualitative and quantitative research into the small and solo (Independent) legal industry. It aims to show a ‘temperature check’ into the changing landscape and showcase interesting themes, developments and trends.

The Bellwether works to position LexisNexis as provider of choice for independent law firms, increasing salience and knowledge of LexisNexis services. It communicates brand relevance and has consistently achieved an increase in brand engagement.

MONK work with LexisNexis to collate and bring this data to life through print and digital channels, using reports, film, infographics and social content.

Pre-2017 the Bellwether took on a new theme and creative identity each year, this assisted with initial standout in the market place and helped engagement with the target audience. For 2017 MONK have created a Bellwether Identity that can become something that is recognisable, consistent and sits as part of the LexisNexis brand (to help with the promotion and sale of LexisNexis products). The identity works across multiple channels and has longevity, with the introduction of two additional reports each year.