Re-Brand & Simplification

“Creating global brand guidelines and powerful communications

Our work within with DBAG, extends across the portfolio of their brands. One such example is with Market News International, one of the world’s leading financial news institutions with access to global capital markets.

MONK were tasked with refining their brand with a ‘less is more’ attitude, creating new guidelines and developing an overall ‘clear speak’ tone of voice for all the advertising and marketing. Appreciating that within financial markets, sometimes important information is lost within the noise and hyperbole.

Creating extensive guidelines and templates that could be used globally, we then focussed on delivering a suite of marketing communications that spanned traditional media, through to digital and film, all with the objective to stand out from the traditional archaic way of delivering financial communications.

For instance, our solution for their company Christmas message was to create a 90 second, feel-good film that used stop frame animation and made heros of a puppy and a toy robot.

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