Responsib’all Day 

Shifting perceptions to generate year-on-year growth in participation to their CSR programme

Most companies fail to recognise and empower their most important assets: employees. Pernod Ricard have long known that empowered employees can and do make all the difference, producing results that affect both revenue and profit. It’s why for the past four years we’ve been helping the company achieve its goals as we align vision, bring employees and their communities together and instil purpose and responsibility across the business.

The result? Pernod Ricard continues to remain at the forefront of their industry as one of the most conscientious alcohol brands.

Each year we host Responsib’All Day, globally the company’s biggest CSR event. Accommodating thousands of employees, events occur simultaneously throughout the UK. And every year the communication objective is completely different.

Our job is to reframe employees perceptions of CSR and vividly bringing to life the opportunities and differences they can make individually and collectively to benefit their company and local communities.

In 2016 we focussed on empowering Pernod Ricard employees. To do this, we created the SOS Programme. This gave employees the opportunity to select the challenges and worthy causes they wanted to tackle and support. A strategy that gave them ownership of the Programme. We then took groups out into the field and streamed their efforts back to head offices for other employees. Here we had teams signing up employees with a ‘tinder style’ find your cause digital game that we created on touchscreen TVs and tablets.

This strategy of enabling and inspiring meant that 2016’s CSR programme built on the successes of previous years and grew engagement.