San Diego based Glucose Monitoring Experts Dexcom are changing the world of diabetes and are doing so at a rapid rate. A key reason for this is because of passionate people who are here to make a difference. But with such phenomenal growth, they needed to ensure new and existing employees remained focussed on the journey ahead to sustain this momentum. Our task was to help make this happen, breaking down the complexity of diabetes, technology and the market place.


We want everyone who works at Dexcom to feel part of that movement and understand the important difference they can make. Whether they started a year ago or over a decade ago, it was important for them to understand Dexcom’s story, enabling their own personal development through guides and tools, to help them be 100% focussed so you can perform at their best.

Following extensive research into the current systems and experiences, we developed the naming convention & visual identity, to create a new brand identity for Dexcom’s Internal Training platform, The Academy. Bringing the world of Diabetes to life with experiences that instils confidence and aids in building and supporting a highly competent, skilled team of employees and Dexcom representatives.