Living in a digital age means that information is quickly and easily accessible. However with increasing pressures, time poor legal associates are increasingly relying on ‘search’ engines as a sources for Legal Advice. Often this advice is completely inaccurate, of bias, out of date or even (unbeknown to the reader) relating to something completely different. We were tasked with helping fix the situation and preventing bad legal advice occurring.


How do we stop people from searching for legal or case searches which leads to inaccurate info? It’s likely that we cannot achieve this preventative measure overnight but it doesn’t mean we should acknowledge it. Could we instead own the mistake and behaviour itself. With LexisNexis’s pursuit being centered on clarity, our approach was an honest admission, rather than to preach. Underpinned through qual research we brought to life real life stories of where mistakes can all too often lead too, so customers didn’t feel alone but were encouraged to ‘always check’ whatever the source. Fortunately LexisNexis always has you covered.