Deutsche Börse Group

Re-positioning to drive growth


Market Data & Services, a division of one of the world’s leading exchange organisations, had experienced rapid growth through a series of acquired businesses, which hadn’t been strategically aligned to sit under the parent brand. Our job was to unlock the equity from these dispersed businesses, cohesively bringing them together under a new advantageous proposition.


Over a period of 12 months, we evaluated internal business structures and understanding to ensure that there was a clear ‘to market’ strategy that didn’t cannibalise sales as part of the change. This work also allowed us to overlay external perceptions on internal understanding to generate our Brand Gap Analysis. We held focus groups around the world. This quantitative research tested unprompted perceptions of Deutsche Börse Group and their proposition too, allowing us re-define a ‘to market’ proposition.


A new architecture and brand was created and brought to life, delivering a comprehensive roll-out plan of internal on-boarding, brand guidelines and marketing messaging that enabled this newly creative division to go to market with a newly aligned approach and message that resonated with target audiences.