No More

Encouraging victims of domestic abuse to speak up


1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. Whilst there are many things we might not be able to end in our lifetime, domestic violence and sexual assault certainly should be something we can bring to a halt. We were challenged by No More and Hestia to continue the momentum from their phenomenal US campaign and get the UK talking about domestic violence.


Because of our adherence to celebrity culture, personalities from all walks of life were chosen as our representatives. Appreciating that there is no one face that represents domestic violence, there is however a number of ‘excuses’ that people offer either for themselves or for those that they know, the challenge was two-fold; to say NO MORE and to break the silence. Our chosen personalities did exactly that, provoking our audience by saying the wrong thing to highlight this.


#BreakTheSilence engaged the UK with a series of films from our celebrities that encouraged victims to come forward and tell those abusers that we’ve all had enough and that it stops here and now. The integrated campaign came to life across the country through OOH, radio, TV, print, digital and social – 8M viewers with national coverage from Good Morning TV to BBC Radio.