Business banking is broken and yet SME’s represent 99.9% of the business population. With re-badge consumer services being offered, reactive service levels and a serious lack of fulfilment or guidance, banks are seemingly doing what they have to, rather than what they can. This misrepresentation has long eroded trust and as such presented an opportunity for a new bank to regain closeness and focus on the unchanged fundamentals.


Following various workshops and research, it was obvious banks still have a lot more to do than their marketing efforts would otherwise try to convince us, with no evidence to suggest real change. More than an onlooker, we wanted to become the positive constant in uncertainty and help finance become one less thing to lose sleep over. This led us to work with teams to develop a proposition centered around the most prescious commodity – time. Be it the time to answer a call, provide a quote or doing away with small print that confuses, Redwood is a bank that understands whats important and acts on it.