Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

“Making sure the world knows the importance of China’s expanding tourism.

China. This is the emerging market that will eventually define the tourist industry. In order for the InterContinental Hotel Group to fully understand the issues and the potential opportunities of the market, IHG commissioned research into Chinese travel, partnering with Oxford Economic to publish ‘The Future of Chinese Travel’ report, covering the country’s favourable economic and demographic trends set to fuel an increase in demand for international travel over the next decade.

Our role as IHG’s marketing agency was to bring this research to life, unlocking the complexities of a ground-breaking piece of research, which demonstrates the sheer scale of the ‘China outbound’ opportunity for cities and local economies worldwide.

We created a programme which saw nearly 100 hotels participate initially, but this had risen to 250 hotels by the programme’s completion.
Designed to train staff on Chinese etiquette, culture, and hospitality, over 10,000 employees completed this training programme by the end of 2014.

Apart from helping to bring the commissioned report to life, we also created the surrounding assets so that hotels were ready to welcome more Chinese travellers in a way that was familiar to them. Ensuring this was suitable not only for employees but the travel industry at large, we then supported the rollout of the ‘China Ready’ programme for hotels around the world.