Product Launch

“Pioneer is the brand of choice for serious DJs but, with the right equipment, anyone can mix.

We had to be careful launching an entry level DJ product into a mature DJ audience.
So we planned an ‘unbranded’ launch to inspire and encourage purchase intent both naturally and organically.

The concept was unexpected.
We ‘created’ a teenager called DJ Chase. To bring him to life he needed to have a believable back story which we wrote through blogs over preceding months.
DJ Chase then started to mention that he was saving for a Pioneer WeGo. Finally, the big day came and he collected his all-new Pioneer WeGo.

He then posted a film that showed the mix that he had created (we actually got a world renowned DJ to create the mix for us). In the background however, you could just see a hamster grooving to the track. Comments followed and DJ Chase then decided to post a new, all-important film.

In this film DJ Chase explains that in light of all the comments he’s received, he’s wired up his hamster’s cage so that he can drive the WeGo decks.
The hamster’s sea-saw will activate the fader, the wheel will get the turntables spinning on the deck and so on.
With the subsequent film we then see the hamster create a really cool mix. Proving that with the Pioneer WeGo anyone can mix – even a hamster!

To date the film has received over 1m+ 13-18 core demographic views across social communications – and that figure’s growing, with absolutely no media investment.

Crucially it has given the WeGo a soft launch without damaging the perception of the brand amongst its core followers.